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Better Predictions in Renewable Energy (by Auke Hoekstra)

We must fight our biases to see the solutions This is a guest blog by Auke Hoekstra, senior advisor electric mobility at the Eindhoven University of Technology and developer of agent-based models for electric vehicles and renewable energy adoption. You can contact him at or @aukehoekstra. The International Energy Agency has just released its … Continue reading

Bepaal mee hoe we onze elektrische auto’s in de toekomst gaan opladen (door Auke Hoekstra)

Dit is een gast-blog van Auke Hoekstra, senior adviseur elektrische mobiliteit aan de Technische Universiteit Eindhoven ( en Laura Mittelmeijer, afstudeerster aan de Universiteit Utrecht. Er is in Nederland een stevige discussie gaande over de vraag waar er allemaal oplaadpunten moeten komen voor elektrische auto’s. Daarover gaat het in deze blogpost. We hebben daarbij ook … Continue reading

How self driving cars will lead to small, shared, electric vehicles that will save our cities and climate (by Auke Hoekstra)

(This is a guest post by Auke Hoekstra: @aukehoekstra) It’s a popular meme these days: “Self driving cars will not solve anything. On the contrary: we will only drive more and increase congestion!” This meme enables people to find fault with the somewhat scary or emasculating thought of self driving cars while treehuggers can … Continue reading